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        Astraea or 5 is a little asteroid situated between Mars & Jupiter orbit. Its excentricity is 0.1911 a clasic number to asteroid kinds, by the way, at perihelion Astraea is situated at 2.08 A.U. & aphelion at 3.07 AU. Medium distance is 2.575 AU. The orbital period of Astraea is 4.13 years & its inclination with the ecliptic plane is 5.36.

    During the night that I located & discovered it was situated at Libra constellation very closed to b librae. Astraea was discovered by Mr. Hencke at December 8th of 1845; & it has a diameter of 125 km. 7 km.  Rotation period is 16.18 hours.


       During the oposition of year 2000, Astraea was located at Libra constellation & so close to b librae with conjuntion with it at May 27th at 10' arc to south, only. By the way, it was a good point to find ti without problems during the first night at magnitude 10.3. The first observation was made at 21h.37m UT of May 26th, I was located it to 30' arc to west of b librae, & second night was made at 21h. 16m. UT of May 28th, where I would see the moviment of asteroid at the field that you see down one. By the way, the located & discovery date to Astraea was May 26th, 2000.

    Thanks to the program Guide version 7.0 & the graphic that you can see down one, it was posible to find it without problems at first night. By the way, the discovery date of Astraea is May 26th, 2000.


    By the other hand, with a Java program that I found on the net, & thanks to Osamu Ajiki of AstroArts&y Ron Baalke of JPL,   you can see the asteroid orbit, distans in relationship to Sun 6 Earth at Solar System for any date.




Agamenon  At greek mithology, Astraea or  Astraioz, according to many author is belonged to Virgo constellation. Zeus & Temin's' daughter was identified at many times with justicie. According to Arato, she live between  men of Gold Age, she take refuge in the mountains at Silver Age, & she had to flee at sky at Bronze Age.

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