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Mythology of Crater

     The Crater constellation or the Glass, represents the chalice of Apolo or Baco.


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             One is a mediocre celestial zone where the Crater constellation, nailed in galactic latitude of +40º is located and therefore in a very poor zone in doubles and accumulations and something rich in galaxies. Located to average distance between Spica or Virginis and Sextans

                It is observed from January to July culminating in the meridian at the end of March. Visible in both hermisferios until 60º of North latitude.

            It limits the north with the constellation of I read, to the east with Hydra and Sextans, to the south with the Hydra and the west with a the precious constellation of Corvus. Along with Corvus and Sextans comprise of a stellar zone located to the north of the constellation of Hydra already in their more Eastern sector.  It is formed by star weak not surpassing the third magnitude for that reason it is not easy to identify it at first. I located the 1 to it of April of 1986 at the age of 18 years.


Constellation of Crater


Main stars

       Alpha, a; denominated Alkes, of magnitude 4.08 one is in the bordering Eastern edge with the constellation of Hydra; of orange color light is to 174 years.

      Beta, b;  of 4.46 magnitude and white color. One is in the South sector of the constellation.

    Gamma, g; of 4.08 magnitude and white. Earth light is in the center of the constellation to 83 years being 13 times more luminous than our Sun.

    Delta, d; of 3.57 magnitude and orange color, light is to 194 years, being 112 times more shining than the Sun.

Other objects

           NGC 3887, irregular galaxy of magnitude 10.7, 3'x2 ' of diameter, located to the east of the constellation.


ori.gif (1448 bytes) Observations by telescope

        To date observations by telescope have not been made in the Crater constellation in spite of being visible from where I write these lines to you, Majorca, Spain, although I do not discard to someday make a trip to the seas of the south, and to lose to me in an island of the Pacific to be able to contemplate and to locate the constellations that still I have left to discover.


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