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Mitología de Lacerta

        The Demeter goddess looked for its Persefone daughter, who had been raptada by Hades. When it passed by the region of Atica, one felt thirsty and it requested water to drink a called woman Misme. The goddess drank with such avidity that caused the laughter of Ascxabalo, a son of Misme. Angered of which they smiled themselves of her threw on him the rest of the water and the boy became lizard or lacerta like Latin nomenclature of the constellation.


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           Lacerta, is a smallest constellation of the located North hemisphere between the magnificencia of the swan (Cygnus) and Andromeda. One is immersed in the Milky Way but there are no shining stars within her, therefore, it is not easy his identification. Lacerta is visible during the nights of summer and autumn in the North hemisphere and during the month of August in the South hemisphere closely together of the horizon since he is not circumpolar but +50º by the central zone of the same one crosses the parallel, therefore for the inhabitants of the South hemisphere culminates to low height.

  Lacerta limits the north with the constellation of Cepheus, to the east with Cygnus, the south with Pegasus and the west with Andromeda and Cassiopea.

             Lacerta I located the 16 to it of September of 1982 at the age of 15 years from the tourist locality of Cán Picafort, Majorca, Spain.



Constelación de Lacerta


Main stars

       Alpha, a; of 3.78 magnitude and white. Earth light is to 102 years. She is 25 times more luminous than our Sun.

      Beta, b; of 4.43 magnitude and orange color light is to 170 years. He is 38 times more shining than the Sun.

    Other objects

           NGC 7209, precious stellar cluster of magnitude 7,7; formed by stars of the novena to the twelfth magnitude. It has an age of 300 million years. Light is to 2930 years.

           NGC 7243, stellar cluster of magnitude 6.4 of 21' of diameter arc. It is formed by stars of the eighth magnitude. It has an age of 100 million years and Earth light is to 2900 years.



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Nom:OS 447 R.A.: 21h.37m.

Dec: 41º40'

Mag: 7.7, 8.7 Sep.: 31" P.A.: 165º Nat:f Spec.:A,K
AOC: 329 DSC: 234 D.D.S.: 21h.45m.(UT); 20-Jun.-1985



            NOTE: One is in a zone not very rich; there is a great difference of magnitude, are not very separated, his colors are similarities, the main one is white and secondary the orange; it is unfolded without difficulty with 50x.


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