asteroide.GIF (2469 bytes)  M A S S A L I A


    The observations I accomplished to my telescope of 90mm. of diameter and 1400mm. of focal distance. I accomplished two observations of next dates:

20h.42m.(UT); 10-Jun.-1989

20h.47m.(UT); 11-Jun.-1989


        If you see next graphic you will find a little displacement of Massalia. Its magnitude was close to 10 and by way, It was difficult to find it. During my observations, Massalia passed to 5' of 15 librae, only. Thanks this event I was able to discovery it.





         Next, it's effected a graphic of its field of Massalia moviment.


  Chart I




             By way, discovery date of Massalia asteroid will be June 10th of 1.989; because It was seen at first time for me. Massalia has an excentricity of 0.1445, it has a orbital period of 3.74 years & an inclination of ecliptic of 0.70 only. Its characteristics is almost planetary ones.




            By the other hand, with a Java program that I found on the net, & thanks to Osamu Ajiki of AstroArts&y Ron Baalke of JPL,  you can see the asteroid orbit, distans in relationship to Sun 6 Earth at Solar System for any date.


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