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Mitología de Microscopium

        Microscopium or the microscope was designed and introduced by Nicolas Louis of the Caille in 1756


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           Microscopium, is a small constellation of 220º square, modern located in the South hemisphere near Sagittarius. One is to 40º to the south of the equator of the galaxy and therefore, enough as much shining star poor man as stellar accumulations. The parallel 35º of South latitude crosses to him in two to Microscopium. For the inhabitants of the North hemisphere he is visible during the months of June until October; however, for the inhabitants of the South hemisphere, it culminates to high altitude on the horizon and is visible during the months of autumn, winter and part of the austral spring.

          Microscopium limits the north with Capricornius, to the west with Sagittarius, the south with the constellation of Indus and to the west with Grux and Piscis Austrinus

             Microscopium  I located the 22 to it of September of 1989 at the age of 22 years from the locality of Cán Picafort, Majorca, Spain with the aid of prisms binocular since 15º culminates from I write these line to you to very low height solely on the horizon.


Constelación de Microscopium


Main stars

       Alpha, a; of 4.90 magnitude and orange that dista 389 years Earth light. She is 125 times more luminous than our Sun is located to the north of the constellation.

       Beta, b; of 6.06 magnitude and white, dista 660 years light. Prisms binocular to see it are necessary like minimum.

       Gamma, g; of 4.67 magnitude and dista yellow 224 years Earth light. It is a star 53 times more shining than the Sun.


       Other objects




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    To date observations by telescope have not been made since it is located in the South hemisphere, next to the horizon culminating to less of 10º from where I write these lines to you, Majorca, Spain, although I do not discard to someday make a trip to the seas of the south, and to lose to me in an island of the Pacific to be able to contemplate and to locate the constellations that still I have left to discover.


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