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Mythology of Sextans

     The constellation of Sextans was designed by Johannes Hevelius in 1687, its original name was Uranian Sextans and represents the astronomical instrument used to measure the position of stars


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           Sextans, is a smallest constellation located to the south of Leo and to the north of the Hydra, its form is of square a perfect square of 290º. One is enough far from the equator of our Milky Route, therefore, it is formed by stars of weak magnitude, practically does not have interest objects. It is located in the celestial equator therefore, is visible during six months from November to June as much in the North hemisphere as in the south.

  Sextans limits the north and to the west with Leo, the east and the south with Hydra and the west also with the Crater constellation .

             Sextans I located the 22 to it of December of 1985 from the tourist locality of Cán located Picafort to the north of Majorca, Spain when it was 19 years old.


Constelación de Sextans


Main stars

       Alpha, a; of 4.48 magnitude and white color, one is in the center of the constellation. Dista 287 years light of us, is a star 104 times more luminous than our Sun.

      Beta, b; located to the west of a, its magnitude is of 5.07 and of blue color, light is to 345 years and is 86 times more luminous than our Sun.

    Gamma, g; located to the south of both, and near the constellation of Hydra and its main star to, or Alphard, has a magnitude of 5.08 and is of white color. Earth light is to 262 years, is a more luminous star 50 times.

Other objects

           NGC 3115; galaxy of located magnitude 8.9 near g Sextantis. Of angular diameter 8,3'x3 '


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Nom: 35 R.A.: 10h.41m.

Dec: 05º01'

Mag: 6.3,7.4 Sep.: 6.8" P.A.: 240º Nat: f Spec: A, K
AOC: 485 DSC: 347 D.D.S.: 00h.59m.(UT); 22-Dec..-1985



        NOTE: One is in a very poor zone. There is a slight difference of brightness between the components, are slightly separated, is unfolded without difficulty with the eyeglass of 50x.


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