There were from 150 to 160 students in 1588.

In 1623 Canon Bartolomé Llull obtained 40 pounds for work-s of restoration on the chapel and the hall.

After many years of teaching alternating the long and brilliant periods with moments of need and rehabilitation. The Latin school established at Cura limped to the end of its existence with the events of 1826.

1826-1862 During this period the place suffered the greatest neglect. lt was left in charge of a caretaker, under the responsability of the Town Hall of Palma.

1862-1870 Some Tertiaries of Saint Francisco of Paul come to live here. In 1870 they were violently forced to leave the Sanctuary.

1870-1913 After the episode with those monks, there continued the disagreeable state of impotence of drawing the place out of the abandon it was sunk in.

1913- On August 24th of this year the Diocese officially granted the Regular Franciscan Tertiaries the custody of the Sanctuary. They took possession of the house on August 25th and two brothers went to live there in the name of their brothers in religion. These brothers had been founded in Llucmajor in 1893 and since then the brothers today keep up the commitment they took with the Diocese of Majorca to keep alive the cult of the Virgin of Cura and make the figure Ramon Llull know among the people.