Family life
Family life

We have other brothers in religion who live in different houses on the Island: San Francisco, of Palma, La Porciúncula, Inca, Llucmajor, Artà. A great number also live on the Peninsula, in the U.S.A., Mexico and Peru.

We do not live alone in the Sanctuary; we have a guest house where people come to spend a time devoted study, prayer or rest. The lengtb of their stay varies, depending on each case.

Some people, alone or with their families, for different reasons, live with us permanently.

Membres of a Religious Order + Lay People = A Family

We want relationships between members of religious orders and lay people to deepen and spread. That is, that both the friars living here and the lay people who so wish, all equally motivated by the same faith and brotherly love, may share a coinmon project of life proyer and work, each according to his possibilities and state of life. We can all feel members of the same Christian and Franciscan family of Cura.

This invitation is made to those who feel the desire or need to live the Gospel inside a family.



Family life