postures rares: 

noltros som val 9


 val 9:    in the jossuha three


miquel orgàsmic


por un beso de la flaca



J. & J. Brothers

Garcia's Brothers


Coses de Cunyats


-te voy a dar con la masseta.



pa, orelles, mames i rialles.






Ni més ni pus: els Val 9 som així.










These days, while the moon talks with them about anything, they're nearly the best.


People should remember that the fortunate son is anyone who can toutch them. This privilege can't be found on the corner of a material and magnetic land. If you wanna die to know who has lived, first you need to get a Val 9 experience.


 Then, you'll be ready to begin to play the sound of the mental strings of your head.

 Don't be cruel and care yourself! It's possible you'll never have a new way to do it.









anyting she wants it's a Val 9 experience










posters 2002


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he's got it

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anyting she wants it's a Val 9 experience



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Així es cerca la inspiració a l'hora de fer lletres